Disposable pastry bags "Efficiency" - 391880



Disposable pastry bags "Efficiency"

Order number 391880
EAN 4028574309295
Deliver unit 100/Box

More details about Disposable pastry bags "Efficiency":

  • made of PE
  • multiple layers
  • silky inner surface for maximum product flow
  • green-transparent
  • fast & safe perforation tear-off
  • hygienic
  • closed tip
  • can be used with or without tube for decorating purposes
  • seam with high tensile strength
  • Box with convenient dispenser
  • Dimensions: 275x530mm
  • Thickness: 60μ

Special formulas and multiple layered film extrusions enable production at greatly reduced gauges, whilst insuring high strength and even enhanced features such as oil and increased temperature resistance.

We thereby help to reduce the 
lifetime environmental impacts of its products by using less non-renewable resources and creating less CO2 greenhouse gas emissions in the production, shipping, recycling/waste disposal process, less wastage and less pollution.