Tube Tulip - 197573



Tube Tulip

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Order number 197573
EAN 4028574303125
Deliver unit 6
Catalog #42 Page 301

More details about Tube Tulip:

High-quality decorating tube "tulp"  made of stainless steel.

  • made of one piece, no folds
  • easy to clean
  • can be used with any pastry bag

Order number EAN Description Diameter/Height Weight Deliver unit Catalog #42
197573 4028574303125 Tube Tulip 23mm/42mm kg 6 301
197575 4028574303149 Tube Tulip 25mm/42mm kg 6 301
197576 4028574303156 Tube Tulip 25mm/42mm kg 6 302
197577 4028574303163 Tube Tulip 25mm/42mm kg 6 302


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