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From March 31, 2021, all operators of electronic cash register systems and users of merchandise management, practice and hotel software with a billing module who offer their customers cash, EC or credit card payments must have installed a technical security device (TSE) certified by the German Federal Office for Information Technology (BSI). This is required by German legislation (KassenSichV) in addition to the receipt issuance obligation.

  • Paper, metal, plastic and silicone bakery products
  • Paper rolls, thermal papers and thermosensitive special papers for printers and computers including fax rolls, thermal rolls and cash register rolls
  • Notablocks for the beverage industry

The environmentally friendly thermal paper

Blue4est® Thermopapier

Blue4est® is the epitome of environmentally friendly thermal paper - Made in Germany.

  • Environmentally friendly as free from chemical developers and recyclable
  • Long-lasting as resistant to environmental influences such as sunlight or moisture (> 35 years)
  • Universally usable as approved for direct food contact and compatible with common thermal printers
  • High quality as the paper has excellent printability

Point of Sale


Cash register rolls are mainly used at the point of sale (POS). Here, a receipt is needed quickly, quietly and cleanly.

As a long-standing manufacturer of paper rolls, we process the following thermal papers:

  • BPA-free thermal papers
  • Phenol-free thermal papers
  • Special applications
  • Developer-free thermal papers (Blue4est®)

Frequently asked questions

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What is a thermal paper?
Thermal paper is a special paper used in the thermal printing process. When heat is applied, color pigments on a temperature-sensitive layer change color and the printed image "appears". The multilayer special paper contains the dye, a color developer and an aliphatic solvent. When heat is applied (generated by the print head of the thermal printer or friction with an object), the solvent melts so that the dye and the developer meet and react.
How to store thermal paper?
Like any paper, thermal paper ages. Depending on external influences very quickly. Therefore, heat and direct sunlight should be avoided. Since thermal paper is not classified as document-proof, we recommend making a copy on plain paper for documents with a retention period.
In general:
  • avoid high heat
  • avoid direct sunlight
  • avoid placing the paper in plastic films (here plasticizers react with the paper)
  • avoid solvents, oils and greases on the paper
How to dispose of thermal paper?
First of all, this depends on the type of thermal paper used. Thermal papers with Bishphenol A (BPA) should be disposed of in the residual waste, while BPA-free thermal papers can also be disposed of in the waste paper.

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