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Kebap knife - 260360

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  • Brand: Schneider
  • Item no.: 260360
  • EAN: 4028574316163
  • Blade length: 550 mm
  • Blade: traight edge, flexible blade
  • Blade width: 33 mm
  • Material: Chrome-molybdenum steel

Product description

Instructions for care

All knives and cake spatulas are in general dishwasher proof. Cleaning by hand is recommended, thus you prevent that the blade gets in contact with aggressive detergents.

Food remnants such as ascorbic acids, highly concentrated detergents, or prolonged exposure to hot water steam, may cause the blade to stain, or even develop rust, in the worst case.

Strong chemical cleaning agents will at the same time lead to the electrochemical deterioration of the cutting edge.

Right away after each use, we therefore recommend rinsing under running water, using a soft cloth and mild detergent.

Wiping the knife with a soft cloth after cleaning will prevent the blade from developing stains. This will conserve the cutting edge which means it will remain sharper much longer.

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